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First Day of Summer

Ahh, it's here! The first official day of summer break. All 3 kids are here. So, the questions start to pour in. Do I have enough snacks? Is there food for lunches? If kids from the neighborhood come to swim do we have pool towels? Or did we lose all those last year? Do we have sunscreen? Are we assigning chores? What do they do all day while I'm working?

I work from home and have been so busy. I haven't even considered these questions until this morning. The kids are still sleeping but I have to mentally and physically prepare to have them here full time. Thankfully it's a holiday weekend and Monday is off. I'm sure some moms have it ALL together. Not this one. I'm not even going to pretend.

Working on my grocery shopping list now. If I can get to the store before they wake up, they'll never know. Towels, can I get to Costco on a holiday weekend without getting killed? OR spending much more than planned? If you don't hear from me this weekend then Costco got me.

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